A complete pedigree is often a work of great labour, and its finished form is frequently a work of art. Karl Pearson, 1912.




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The pedigree drawing suite consists of two parts: a TeX typesetting package, and a Perl input processor. If you know TeX and PSTricks, you can produce any complex pedigree with the typesetting package. If you do not (or do not have time and inclination to write TeX code), the input processor uses information about relatives in a spreadsheet format and converts it into TeX. The input processor is sometimes stumped by very complex pedigrees with intermarriages between relatives, but in most cases it makes a good job.

Download the programs:

  1. TeX package
  2. Perl input processor

You need a working TeX distribution with PSTricks included to use the TeX package. Please see TeX Users Group Introduction pages for the information about TeX and how to install it. Note that many Unix and Linux distributions include TeX; it may work for you right out of the box. On the other hand you may find that your version of TeX is too old and needs to be upgraded. On Windows and Macintosh computers you probably have to install TeX yourself.

You need a working Perl to use the input processor. Most Unix and Linux distributions have it by default. If you use Windows or Macintosh, you probably do not have it. We recommend the Active Perl distribution.

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