A complete pedigree is often a work of great labour, and its finished form is frequently a work of art. Karl Pearson, 1912.




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Create a pedigree

This tool allows you to create a pedigree without installing anything on your computer. It has some limitations compared to our full suite: there is no support for drawing symbols for twins, infertility symbols. Use the full suite if you need these features. Of course, the full suite is free.

Please fill the table below. If you need more table rows, just press "Add 5 rows" as many times as you wish. Do not forget to anonymize the patients!

Move the mouse over a column header in the table to get help for the column. See screenshots for an example of input and output.

Id The person's identifier Name A pseudonym for the legend. Note that the script discards the lines where this field is empty. Sex The person's sex Date of Birth Could be in the format YYYY.MM.DD or just YYYY, or just "unknown" Date of Death Could be in the format YYYY.MM.DD or just YYYY, or just "unknown". If the person is alive, write "alive". Mother The Id of the person's mother Father The Id of the person's father Condition This field refers to the genetic disorder you study in the pedigree Proband Exactly one person is the Proband in the pedigree. Only the direct relatives of the Proband are charted. Comment A free form text for the legend Sort Order Sometimes the the ordering of symbols for siblings or husband and wife should be changed to get a better looking chart. If you put numbers in this column, the program sorts the symbols according to these numbers.

Check the fields you want to be shown on the chart (you probably do not want to clutter the chart with too many fields; besides, they all are always present on the legend):

I agree to the Terms of Service and certify that my input does not contain individually Identifiable Health Information as defined by HIPAA Privacy Laws in the USA and similar laws of my jurisdiction.

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